Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 is an essentially new approach to data security. The main feature of the application is restricting the programs' rights to access the system resources. It helps prevent unwanted actions by suspicious and hazardous programs. The application's capabilities in the protection of user's confidential data have been considerably enhanced. The application now includes wizards and tools which substantially facilitate execution of specific computer protection tasks

The new features in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009:

New Protection Features:
  • Scanning of operating system and software for vulnerabilities with their subsequent elimination maintains a high system security level and prevents sneaking of hazardous programs into your system.

  • New wizards – Security Analyzer and Browser Configuration facilitate the scanning for and elimination of security threats and vulnerabilities in the applications installed on your computer, operating system's and browser settings.

  • Kaspersky Lab now reacts faster to the new threats due to the use of Kaspersky Security Network technology that gathers data about infection of users' computers and sends it to Kaspersky Lab's servers.
    New System Restore wizard helps fix system damages after malware attacks.

New confidential data protection features:
  • Security of confidential data entered from the keyboard is ensured by a new tool Virtual keyboard.

New protection features for internet use:
  • Protection against internet intruders has been upgraded due to the extended databases of phishing sites.

  • Security of working with instant messengers is provided by ICQ and MSN traffic scan.

New program's interface features:
  • The new program's interface reflects the comprehensive approach to information protection.

  • High information capacity of dialog boxes helps user quickly make decisions.

  • The functionality of reports and statistics information about the application's operation has been extended. The possibility of using filters allowing flexible setup when working with reports makes this product irreplaceable for professionals.

Interface Language: English

OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Extract (with a PortableApps folder at the device's root) and run KAV*Portable.
Only scanner: no monitor.
Not actived but you can update bases after each launch in v8 but not in v9.
Language fixed by launcher in v8 according UserDefaultLang. For Spanish, if your UserDefaultLang is not 1034 write Localization=esp in KAV8Portable.ini.

Size : 45.6 MB

From http://portable.ucoz.com

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